• Overall Management control of operation
    • Manage, Add or deactivate users
    • Create, Manage or Deactivate Branches or Courses
    • Track Users and Modify usage condition anytime
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    • Create and Manage course content
    • Mutiple levels/types of content uploads
    • Create usage/access conditions for course users
    • Create Questions and Generate Random Question papers
    • Link courses with content and related evaluations
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    • Create Question Bank, catalogued by Subjects & Topics
    • Generate Random Question Paper instantly
    • Manage exams online with instant evaluation and results sharing
    • QPs linked to external exams like Scholarship exams as well
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    • Course based time-bound modules for Students
    • Addresses both Content and Evaluations
    • Dashboard indicating usage and performance
    • Independent control, operational on any device from anywhere
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    • eLearning extended to include Fees modules as well
    • Assign course wise fees
    • Manage all fees related matters under one roof
    • Text reminders for fee due. Auto-deactivation of defaulters
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    • Online certification of successful candidates
    • Printable certificate templates available for immediate use
    • Certification linked to course completion defined under management role
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  • Education Plus
  • Ecampus
  • Ecommerce
  • Docubank
  • Docuscan


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