• Very comprehensive eLearning Platform suitable for all training purposes
  • Addresses all issues related to training content and evaluation
  • Multiple user and multiple platform support
  • Easy to use No training required for adopting the application.
  • Customisable solution for corporates.

Administrative Controls

  • full controls in the hands of application administrator
  • Control includes User Management, Content Management and Evaluation Management.
  • Finance module available on select basis.
  • Independent user panels for different users, controllable by Administrator.

Instant Results

  • Online Evaluation through practice or mock-up or through actual tests.
  • Evaluation can be course-wise, subjectwise or even topic wise.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation and instant result declaration.
  • Customisable evaluation available on request.

Multiple Access Points

  • Built on Responsive platform, enabling multiple device and platform access.
  • Operates on multiple platforms simultaneoulsy - Laptop/ Mobiles/Desktops/Notepads.
  • Very versatile and extremely robust application meant for all kind of user base.
  • Independent user panels for different users.
  • Extremely robust financial platform with multiple level approval systems.

Anytime Anywhere Access

  • Application deployed on dedicated servers, working on 24*7 basis.
  • Built on Tier IV Safety architecture with N+N redundancy.
  • Guaranteed application availability of over 99.999% at all times.
  • Redundency servers deployed at multiple locations to facilitate faster access as well.

Safe & Secure

  • Application hosted on most secure platform.
  • Tier IV level safety, ensuring protection and safety of data at all times.
  • Encryption of content/ user data access in most cases.
  • Independent user panels for different users to ensure proper safety through access as well.