About HeuroApp

Your Gateway to Innovation!

Heuro, the network of intellects is the place where intellects and creative people come together to create and share values for each other and nurture creativity and intellection of the community overall, as the social media of intellects we connect the likeminded intellectual being, the app is designed with the following science:

The Concept


Instant gratification to your curiosity with features like knowledge search


Instant gratification to your creative ideas by capturing them in one click!.

Intellectual Experience

The app is designed to give you the intellectual and creative experience.


Widen your thinking with peer-group feedbacks and observations.


Connect with like-minded individuals and intellectuals around the world.


Be Informed & updated from various publishers and categories.

App Features

Customised and organised feed

Home feeds from diverse news and blog publishers!


Knowledge search to search about any topic from Wikipedia articles to blogs to academic articles to books.

Sticky notes

To note your flash of genius ideas.

Intellectuals and friends suggestions

Connect with your friends and intellectuals around the world.

Article Creator and Publisher

Create articles anytime anywhere.

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